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Thank You.

Thank you for visiting this site! Without visitors like you, this website would be worthless. Thanks for your time, and best wishes to you! Remember to email me if you have any questions, comments or additional suggestions, or if you just want a listening ear.

Family and Friends

Mommy and Aunt Joan... wow. What can I say? Once again, you pulled off the superhuman. You truly are two of the most genuine, caring, Christ-filled people I have ever met. You are like angels, to me and to everyone else who knows you, and I feel deeply blessed to call you mine.

For all your support before, during, and after the surgery, here is a great big “thank you” to all of my family and friends who visited, prayed, and sent cards -- Sarah, Sabrina, Crystal and her grandmother, Nicole, Melanie and Ali, Betty, Billie and Tony, Lynn and Don, Charlie and Arlene, Celia, Sharyn and Joe and Sammy, Edythe, "Mama" Jane Marie, Dena, Jessie, Jennifer, Julie, Zeller, Ms. Aikman, Dale, Elvareen, Grandpa Marshal and Diana, Grandpa Marshal's friends in Pennsylvania, Daddy and Bethann, Hilary and Olivia, Steve and everyone at church. I couldn’t have done it without you all.

Thank you to everyone at the online scoliosis support forum for being there throughout this process. (The forum I used is gone now, but here's a link to a new one.)

Thank you to Dr. Shively, Jeri Jordan, and everyone else at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland for doing an outstanding job. You're wonderful!


For making this website possible, thank you to Comcast, Adobe Creative Suite, and Apple Computer. Thank you to my project mentor, Uncle Gary, to my multimedia teacher, Mr. Berticevich, and to the Senior Exhibition teachers, Mrs. Ritter, Mrs. Walsh, and Mr. Burrell. You are all fantastic!